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  About Us

A brick-and-mortar company operating in virtual reality? That in a nutshell describes Capital Market Publications India Pvt.Ltd., a 15-year-old financial information services company, which has seamlessly transcended the cyber barrier.

Corporate Databases
Capitaline Plus - state of the art and comprehensive corporate database. Being aesthetic, with powerful aggregation and querying facilities, and strict data validation procedures, covers more than 9500 companies providing financial and non financial information details pertaining to a company, updated on daily basis ensuring latest financials. Capitaline 2000 rated by Computers today as the "Best selling Indian Corporate database" ,enjoys 80% of market share.

Complimenting Capitaline Plus, Capital Market has developed Capitaclips - a user friendly and exhaustive news clips database, where each news item is coded for company, industry, House, Country, State and newstype, with extensive query facilities and word-search options.

Capitastocks Ole, the technical charting program helps to chart companies with favourite tools and indicators.

Cyberboltz - is a streaming stock quotes screen, for the exhibition of Bombay Stock Exchange Real Time Stock Quotes, in a manner that appears on any broker's Trade Working Station.

India's favourite financial website averages 10 million page views per month. With more than 90,000 registered users, it has emerged as one of the most active financial website in india. Live news coverage, review of company performances, exhaustive industry studies, highlights on economic policies, banking & finance, mutual funds, and interview sections make the visitors glued to know the latest happenings on the corporate sector. Eye catching charts and user friendly tools are worth a mention.

Web Content Supply
www.capitalmarket.com is the foremost supplier of financial data contents to websites put up by financial Institutions, brokers, banks etc. Quite a number of corporate websites and horizontal portals source data from us for their business / stocks sections. With more than 30 different content sections, credited with a 150 plus clientele, Capital Market has established itself as the largest vendor of information services. The company has also developed new charting and online news gathering modules, which command a very high worth in a steady market. Besides the finance industry, we have now started marketing our software skills to other industries, especially in the chemical and construction industries.

Evolving - In the Tech Era
Capital Market has shaped itself as a multi faceted organisation with strong technical background and market savvy approach , has developed number of web enabled products to cater to the changing needs of the present tech era. Knowledge Management Portals & Content Management, Web publishing tools, Messaging system, eCRM, SCM are some of the recent products in our list. Customisation - is our USP, and it constantly drives us to gear up for the challenges ahead.

But while this is our most visible face, we have other facets to our personality, too. Our Business intelligence software is aimed at eliminating physical storage of documents, easy recall and access of files (to authorised personnel), date- or subject wise, stored in cyber space. It enables you to communicate intra- and inter-office, to suppliers and customers via an easy-to-use format/platform that can be customised to suit your mood of the day. Background colour, fonts, point size - you can adapt them to your whims. Want to pat your staff for a job done well? Want to reassure your customer about your commitment to quality and timely delivery? Want to enquire about the delay in getting the requisite supplies? Or just want to communicate important developments in the office to your employees at headquarters and outside? At the click of the mouse and some hop-skip-and-jump commands you can enter into an interactive dialogue with your target audience, unlike an email.

If a dealer indent is sent as an attachment (Excel file) to the sales representative, the communication can be instantaneous, but not interactive. The attached Excel file will not automatically record the dealer's requirements on the company mainframe. On the other hand, if the dealer 'publishes' an indent to the "office info space", it can be viewed by the sales representative immediately, at the same time will also update the mainframe, and produce necessary instructions to the production department.

Thus, Capital Market is the best face of an organisation that operates in cyber space with its feet firmly on terra firma. It believes that technology, particularly the bottomless Internet applications, can be harnessed to increase the efficiency of a brick-and-mortar edifice.

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