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Covers 9500 listed + unlisted companies in India

Extensive data on every Company. Biodata, Collaborators, Expansion Plans, Shareholding Patterns, 10-year Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Schedules & Notes to Accounts (in all 400 finance fields per Company; Fund Flows, Financial Ratios, User-defined formulae and Queries). Also, full text of Director's Reports, Auditor's Report and extensive news clippings.

An unparalled record of timely updation of results on a daily basis.

Brussels' Nomenclature
Complete data on Finished Products and Raw Materials. More than 1,00,000 Products coded as per Brussels' Harmonised Nomenclature (ITC).

Six different forms of presentation (P&L & B/S in the same way as in published accounts): For Manufacturing, Banking, Finance, Hotel, Power and Shipping industry sectors.

Data Accuracy
Program-implemented extensive intra and inter-file validations at data input stage leave little scope for operator errors. Plus 100% audit.

Additional Data Content

Full address and contact numbers of registered / corporate and branch offices with e-mail address and Web site URL. Advanced software feature enabling to view company's Web site by clicking Web site URL on background screen.
Share Price:
Daily share price data including volume (quantity, value), number of trades, market capitalisation, P/E, etc. for all scrips traded on BSE and NSE.
Stock Exchange Bulletin:
Complete information on important dates, board meetings, announcements, settlement program, hawala information, FII turnover, general notices, etc.
Shareholding Pattern:
Summarised as well as detailed shareholding pattern with number of shares held by each category of shareholders including names of the top 50 shareholders in public category with number of shares held by them.
Financial Data:
Coverage exteneded to 400 financial fields from earlier 260, giving full details on loans, investments, other income, etc. Quarterly / Half yearly Corporate Results with full notes as given in the published results. Cash Flow statements as published in the annual report. Power & Fuel data (plant-wise, product-wise with industry standards where applicable), R & D Expenditure (Capital, Recurring and % to total turnover).
Non-financial Data:
Write-ups on major industries. More coverage in Notepad Module.

Improved Software Features

  • User-friendly customisable Menu that can be alternated with Tree View or Icon View at the choice of the user.
  • Improved selection criteria for company selection through predefined sets / peer sets.
  • Financial Overview Screen summarising key financial data for every company.
  • Analytical tools like EVA Model, facility to view simple / compounded growth of key financials with user-defined base year and lot more to be added very soon.
  • Industry Module facilitating user to view Consolidated / Commonsize Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account in industry-specific format and enabling to aggregate industry data on common sample.
  • Modified and versatile query module broken up as Simple Query and Advanced Query. Facility to save query output and running new query on query output.
  • Advanced Graphic Features.

Capitaline Plus is the single most exhaustive and accurate computerised corporate database available on listed and unlisted Indian companies. With liberalisation imparting a certain vibrancy and complexity to the capital markets, the sheer power of and need for information has never been felt as much before as it is being felt now. And considering the prohibitively high cost of developing an in-house database, Capitaline Plus is an indispensable tool for a wide gamut of finance professionals, including fund managers, bankers, analysts and individual investors.

The software is supported by data on over 9,500 companies, classified under different industry heads. Written on MS Windows, Capitaline Plus incorporates the state-of-the-art facilities like Graphics, Currency Conversion, Forecasters, Multimedia and even Web-link, features rarely found in databases.

The all-encompassing nature of the software is manifest in the Company Module which contains every financial and non-financial detail pertaining to a company including Financial Overview, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet for the last ten years, half yearly and quarterly results with footnotes, shareholding pattern along with details of the Top Shareholders in public category with number of shares held, daily share price data from BSE & NSE, credit rating information, Cash Flow statement classifying cash flows during the period from operating, investing and financing activities as published by the company, Power & Fuel data besides ratio and fund-flows analysis and EVA module which is the latest sensation among analysts. And in these fast-changing times of rapid data obsolescence, daily updation is meticulously carried out by incorporating news-clippings, share prices and latest financials. A daily updation file can be downloaded from our Web site.

Raw data, by itself, is obviously of little use. Capitaline Plus not only presents raw data in a readable format, but also facilitates analysis, interpretation, forecasting and extensive querying. It enables comparison of company financials and ratio with other companies / industry aggregates and examination of performance trends of the last ten years. It facilitates forecasting revised bottom lines as a result of a change in any of the innumerable parameters like interest rates, depreciation laws, excise duties or even tax rates.

Complementing Capitaline Plus is the CapitaStocks OLé software that has been created for technical analysis. In fact, the two can be viewed simultaneously in two windows. A company's ten-year financials are in one window, with its price charts and moving averages. It is a combination of powerful software, accurate data and prompt updation.

Capitaline Plus, designed to be an extremely user-friendly database package, contains financial statement, ratio analysis, fund flows, product profiles and many other non-financial data on more than 7000 companies, as also 332 industries under which each of these companies are categorised. The main strengths of Capitaline Plus are:

  • Extensive and accurate data on companies which run into 600 financial fields.
  • Complete data on Finished Products and Raw Materials coded as per Brussels' Harmonised Nomenclature (ITC).
  • Prompt, regular and fast updation of data.
  • A very aesthetic and easy programme to use the database.
  • State-of-the-art 'Windows' environment.
  • Prompt after-sale services and hands-on training by a team of committed professionals.

And you need not know anything about computers!

That's the best thing about Capitaline Plus. It comes in a pre-formatted form, which you can view by just clicking a mouse - an operation you can master in five minutes.

Now, let us see what information can be obtained by just 'clicking'.

Well, there's an entire cornucopia. In fact, it is doubtful whether such copious information on companies is available anywhere else!

Now we will quickly run you through all the 'windows' of data that you can view by just 'clicking'.


The user-friendly customisable Menu can be alternated with Tree View or Icon View. You can customise the menu by activating/deactivating the options under each head and create as many number of menu sets as per the requirement.

Company selection is possible either through company, industry and house or through the pre-defined peer sets. You can create and save different types of peer sets like BSE Sensex, S&P CNX Nifty and S&P CNX 500. Even a query output can be saved as a peer set.


Company's name, address, telephone / fax numbers, e-mail address, Web site URL, names of chairman / auditor / secretary, year of incorporation, financial year-end, book closure month, AGM month, BSE ticker code, registrar's name & address, etc.

Company Bio-data
A brief account of the company's history since incorporation prepared by Capital Market analysts.

Corporate Locations
Addresses of corporate office, head office and regional / branch offices, where available.

Plant Locations
Addresses of all the plants of the company with products manufactured.

Board of Directors
Names of Directors with designation.

Names of Bankers and Auditors

Details of collaborations, (financial and technical), alongwith the shareholding of the collaborator, if any.

New Projects and Expansion
Details of all the expansion plans contemplated by the company.

Credit Rating
Credit Rating information like name of the agency, security type, dates as on rated and amount.

Bulletin Data
All corporate actions like rights/bonus/dividend announcements, book closures, board meetings, etc. as reported to the stock exchanges by the company.


Financial Overview
A single-screen summarises key Financial Data, Forex Data, Cash Flow and Market Capitalisation with rate of growth, ratios and cash flow.

Balance Sheets
The Balance Sheets of the last ten years, in absolute and ratio format. Also, comparative Balance Sheet figures of the company with the aggregates of industry, house, joint sector, country to which it belongs, and all companies in that companies on set.

Profit & Loss Accounts
Ten years' P & L Accounts, in absolute and ratio formats. Also, comparative P&L figures of the company with the aggregates of industry, house, joint sector, country to which it belongs, and all companies in that industry. Where the company has not closed the year for twelve months, annualised P & L figures are available.

Full data on all the sub-schedules to Balance Sheet and P&L A/C are also available.

Industry-specific presentation
Will the balance sheet and P&L a/c of a banking company make any sense if presented in the format of a manufacturing company? So, in Capitaline Plus, you will have different industry-specific formats in the way they appear in respective company reports. These industries are Banking, Financial Institutions, Finance, Shipping, Hotel, Power, etc.

Funds Flow
Detailed sources and uses of fund statements of the company over the last ten years.

Cash Flow
Cash flow statement classifying cash flows during the period from operating, investing and financing activities as published by the company as per Accounting Standard (AS - 3) recommended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants and SEBI.

Forex Data
All data on exports and foreign exchange earned, as also imports and all foreign exchange expended by the company.

Power & Fuel Consumption
Particulars with respect to total energy consumption and energy consumption per unit of production (with industry standard, if any) for companies falling under the list of specified industries.

Research & Development
Particulars regarding expenditure on R & D like capital expenditure, recurring expenditure and total expenditure as a percentage of total turnover.

Half-Yearly / Quarterly Results
Interim results with footnotes as also full-year unaudited / audited figures with comparative changes over the previous year's figures. Also, important ratios like OPM, GPM, NPM and EPS based on the interim/full-year results.

Company Projections
Data on financial projections as given by the company.


Common-size Ratios
Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss A/C and Funds Flow statement in ratio format.

Analytical Ratios
Key financial ratios like Debt-Equity ratio, Current ratio, Turnover ratios, Interest Cover, OPM, GPM, CPM, NPM, ROCE and RONW are available for the past ten years. Facility to view simple / compounded growth of key financials with user-defined base year.

It has been observed that due to computational difficulties, the EVA concept is not receiving sufficient acceptability, even though the concept is based on a sound foundation. Capitaline Plus gives the EVA model along with the computation of NOPAT, Cost of Debt and Cost of Equity. Software is capable of recalculating EVA if the user wants to redefine the risk-free rate of return, risk premium, beta or any other parameter.


Total number of shares with percentage break-up of the shareholding pattern of the company, divided into foreign, institutional, government, corporate, directors and public holdings, which includes top shareholders in the public category with number of shares held.

Share price
Daily as well as monthly prices (high, low and close) with historical p/e ratios, market capitalisation, number of trades, volume and net turnover on BSE/NSE.

Equity Details
History of how the equity increased, bonus details, dividend history and quoted shares. Also, equity on conversion, if any, of outstanding debentures.

All raw materials consumed with quantity, value and unit price. All products produced, along with installed and production capacities, capacity utilisation, contribution to turnover (percentage-wise), quantity produced and sold, sale value and unit realisation.

Reproduction of the entire text of the: Directors' Report, Auditors' Report, Notes on Accounts, Chairman's Speech and news clippings

Often, it becomes imperative to juxtapose individual company data and the aggregate data of all companies in one industry, on one screen for easy comparison. For instance, when you are viewing data on Hindalco, it will be helpful if you can also see data on Indal, Malco, Nalco and the aluminum industry aggregate on the same screen.

The industry composite module sets up such a comparison for all industries, giving Balance Sheets and P & L A/C in both absolute and ratio formats. There is a write-up on major industries which covers the major players in the industry, capacity, industry trends, etc. Each with a single mouse 'click'.

How useful will it be to view data on every major product affecting the bottom lines of companies, giving the following details?

All users and producers. For instance, take caustic soda. With a single click of the mouse, you can view a screen giving the names of all companies producing caustic soda, with complete details on production, sales, unit sale price, etc. Similarly, another screen lists names of all users, with details on quantity used last year, unit price paid, etc. Let the duties on caustic soda change, and lo! with just a click, you can identify all companies that will be affected adversely or benefited by the change. Products have been classified and coded on the internationally-accepted Brussels' Harmonised Nomenclature.

And what does the price chart of a commodity look like today with the latest price movements? Another screen will give you the national and international price movements of the commodity. And how does the national production fluctuate month-by-month? Capitaline Plus provides data on that too.

Capitaline Plus provides two rare, but immensely useful, functions. With just the second 'click', you can create beautiful chart patterns out of any data on any screen!

All financial data can be converted to any currency and viewed. Say, you want to convert all Balance Sheet figures of Telco into US$ for a presentation abroad, it is just another 'click' operation.

That completes all your single 'clicks'.


By now you are through with about 60% of the Capitaline Plus database. Most users are content merely to view all these pre-formatted screens, for any company they need details on. But there are some die-hard users of Capitaline Plus, who are not satisfied until they have 'explored' every nook and corner. For such intensive users, Capitaline Plus provides some extremely exciting options.

You can also create a custom-built Scoreboard in a matter of minutes, using the Capitaline Plus. A user can make his / her own aggregates like sum, average, count, min., max., etc. on industry, house, country, state or on a user-defined peer set of companies.

Capitaline Plus is a huge treasure of information. And the information that you need urgently lies tucked in somewhere out there. Don't panic. Whatever information is not readily available on the 'view' screens, can easily be called using the 'Query' modules. You have to master just a few of those tricks to create 'formulae' and tables. Then you can get any and each of your queries on companies answered to your satisfaction, neatly in rows and columns in a manner that pleases the eye and satiates the brain.

Querying in Capitaline Plus can be restricted to the existing peer sets. In another facility you can save the query output and run a new query on the same. Query output can be sorted in ascending /descending order of any field, and a ranking can be assigned on single parameter or multiple parameters. Statistical tools like minimum, maximum and standard deviation can be applied to the query output.

All this while you were dealing with historical data - a view and analysis of the past. What about the future? Capitaline Plus offers exciting options there too. You can peruse the projections made by the company itself in an offer document. Further, if you want to make your own projections based on the performance of some other companies which you feel are comparable to the one in hand, you can jolly well go ahead and do it. Capitaline Plus will guide and assist you at every step. Choose your own 'Peer Set' of companies based on the performance of which you wish to make projections. Then you can project achievable capacity utilisation, realisable market price of finished products, reasonable cost of raw materials and operating expenses, the OPM, the GPM, the NPM, and the EPS, too!

All business news and coded is indexed by company, industry, industrial house, product, state, etc. There is a facility to cut, copy, paste and save to build one's own report.

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